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What is EZ-BIS?

EZ-BIS is a Cashflow and Book keeping management SOFTWARE intended for the Small and Medium Sized Business. It is easy to use, easy to understand, easy to access and most importantly easy to pay for…which is why we call it EZ-BIS

Linux is a different way of building an operating system. Instead of one company hiring all the developers and owning all the code, thousands of people share their work so that everyone can take advantage of it.

EZ-BIS allows SMB's to manage their finances easily.

“Small & Medium Businesses mostly do not need fancy and flashy accounting software, they just need an easy system which allows them to key in their daily transactions, print out the relevant documents, and tells them how their business is doing”.

Support & Services

  • Is easy to learn & use
  • Records all Your Daily Transactions
  • Takes care of you financial documentation
  • Lets you manage your cashflow by letting you how much money you really have
  • Is Available anywhere you have a internet connection
  • Is secure & Dirt Cheap


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